Remember This Guy? You Should See Him Now!

Remember This Guy? You Should See Him Now!

Posted by Alison Lewis, Category: Happy Tails,

One of these photos might look very familiar.  It was included in various articles and even in our last newsletter.  The distinguished gentleman in the photo is Spot (Rocky, to some).  He came to ORHS from Putnam County Animal Control after suffering severe injuries.  With time and lots of TLC, Spot recovered and quickly became a favorite of shelter workers and visitors alike.  Our plea was clear:  this wonderful cat needed an outstanding home.  We know the right family was out there, but we were anxious for Spot to have the love he deserved.  While there were many people over time that fell under his “spell,” no one would ever fully commit to him.  The one day Hannah came along.

When Hannah first met Spot he began his trademark approach to visitors:  head butts, lots of rubs and his signature move…climbing into her lap.  Well, Hannah couldn’t resist his charms.  It was official; Spot was adopted and it was arranged he would go home with Hannah in a couple of days.  The good news spread among our Volunteers and when the day of his adoption finally arrived, there was a group of us gathered to meet Hannah and send Spot off to his forever home.  What a great day!

All updates and pictures show that Spot is deeply loved!  His new mom has done an outstanding job of keeping us informed of his progress as he settles in.  While we desperately miss his huge presence at the shelter, we are thrilled beyond words that Spot finally has someone to love him for the rest of his life.

Good luck, Spot!  You deserve it, buddy!