Pongo’s Village – An Incredible Dog with an Incredible Story

Pongo’s Village – An Incredible Dog with an Incredible Story

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We often hear the phrase “It takes a village…”. Well, for a young Boston Terrier, that was certainly the case. His is a small town story where some wonderful and caring people just wouldn’t give up on Pongo.  We will never know all of what this little guy endured, but his incredible spirit remained untouched. We got to meet Pongo with a broken leg after he had found his way to a man who was housebound but loved dogs. He wanted to help, but Pongo needed more than he could offer. From there, the man’s family met Pongo and a network of animal lovers took over. They were determined to get the help he needed, whatever it took.

The connection was to a horse barn where one of the trainers knew people from our humane society.  ORHS got involved initially to see if we could help get the dog into see a vet and determine how serious his injury was. Bad news - the leg was shattered and infected. There was talk that it might have been caused by another dog, perhaps a coyote or even as a bait dog for fighting. There were also puncture wounds on his head, some old and some new. Pongo had been through a lot.  Now, you might think a dog that had been so mistreated and neglected would have a few issues. He certainly had no reason to trust humans, and likely not other dogs either. However, to meet Pongo is to love him. No one is a stranger, and kisses are plentiful. He has no fear of other dogs and in fact, he is just wants to play and be close. He has a great spirit and he deserved every chance to live a long life. He must have been in incredible pain, but he let us and our vet do anything and everything to examine him without flinching. This is one stoic dog.

Pongo needed surgery to amputate his leg, and again, Pongo’s Village got to work. By the end of the day, some money had been donated, a foster home had stepped up to see him through his recovery and everyone was working on spreading the word. ORHS took Pongo into our adoption program where we could make sure his medical needs would be met and finding him a perfect forever home. Pongo has now had his surgery and within hours, was walking on just three legs. He will need a few weeks to recover, but he’s showing all signs that he’ll do great and will live a long and healthy life. He has a whole lot of friends out there and he deserves every one.

If you would like to help Pongo, please contact Oconee Regional Humane Society at 706-454- 1508 or email us at orhspets@gmail.com.