Our Kitties Want YOU…For Sponsorship!

Our Kitties Want YOU…For Sponsorship!

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If you can’t adopt a cat (whether because of allergies, your current living situation or other in-home pets) or can’t adopt another cat (you love the kitties but your household numbers have reached their max), why not become an ORHS Adoption Sponsor?

Cats that are sponsored have a greater chance of being adopted than those who are not.  Our adult kitties are currently looking for caring families and individuals to increase their chances of finding forever homes and you can help make that happen!

What Is Adoption Sponsorship?

An ORHS Adoption Sponsor is a benefactor of a chosen group of adult cats available for adoption. The objective of sponsorship is to make the adoption of an adult cat more attractive and feasible by absorbing the cost of the adoption fee and, possibly, some of the expenses of initial care.

How Does It Work?

Microsoft Word - enough is enough.doc1. Select one of the groups of cats available for sponsorship (such as The Bashful Bunch or The Chunky Monkeys). You are only pledging to financially sponsor one cat (the first cat adopted from that group…whichever that may be. Contact us to learn the groups currently available for sponsorship.

2. Choose the level of support you wish to pledge from the 3 available levels. This means the person or family adopting the cat will not have to pay the fees associated with adoption and, possibly initial care, as those fees will have been covered by the Adoption Sponsor.

The available Sponsorship levels are as follows:

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  • PET PAL LEVEL  Cost is $40 for sponsorship  and covers the adoption fee.
  • TAIL WAGGER LEVEL  Cost is $60 for sponsorship and covers the adoption fee and one 16 lb. bag of cat food.
  • BEST FRIEND LEVEL  Cost is $90 for sponsorship and covers the adoption fee, the cost of one 16 lb. bag of food and a 3-month supply of Revolution (flea and heartworm prevention and dewormer).

3. You are only pledging to provide the sponsorship fee for one cat. When the first cat in the group is adopted you can renew your sponsorship of the same or a different group if you choose to.

How Do I Do This?

Microsoft Word - bashfulbunch.docSend the sponsorship fee for the chosen level, along with your basic contact information, to ORHS at 1020 Park Avenue, Suite 101, Greensboro, GA 30642 and please be sure to mark on the envelope that the contribution is being sent for Cat Adoption Sponsorship.

We need your name, address, phone number and email address. You will be contacted with the groups of cats made available for sponsorship and will receive assistance in selecting the group you wish to sponsor. You will then be contacted with updates on your sponsored group and again when a cat from your group has been adopted.

Some of our kitties have been in our program for over 4 years…others with special needs are looking at spending their lives waiting for their forever homes. Your sponsorship could make the difference!!!

Do you have questions or want to discuss sponsorship further? Contact Kari Wires, Director, Cat Program at (706) 454-1508.

Download pdfs here:

enough is enough

Our Kitties Thank You!