ORHS Pet Food Drive is July 15th

ORHS Pet Food Drive is July 15th

Posted by Alison Lewis, Category: ORHS News,

Lake Oconee area residents, last year your generosity was overwhelming.  This year please join the Oconee Regional Humane Society for its fourth annual pet food drive on Saturday, July 15th at Publix Center in Greensboro. Volunteers will be collecting cat and dog food from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Monetary donations are also appreciated.  Come get some puppy love or snuggle with a kitten.  Dogs and cats will be available for adoption.

Because of your support and donations last year, ORHS rescued and found forever homes for over 580 animals.  We also provided pet food for needy families at Food Distribution Days and sponsored spay/neuter programs for 560 animals. 

Many of our puppies and kittens are born at the center and raised with love and TLC. But some animals come to us malnourished or flea and tick infected or injured.  Too many are found abandoned.  Without your help most would die slow, agonizing deaths from starvation, disease or injury.  Dying alone and unloved.  Your donations change all of this. Thanks to you these animals now share lives of love and happiness in forever homes.  Your donations create happy families.

We get feedback daily about what your support accomplishes.  A few examples:

*Adopting Jake has changed our lives.  Our son has always been somewhat withdrawn.  Jake has become his best friend.  They play, walk, talk and sleep together.  He tells Jake everything.  Jake has helped him become more outgoing.

*Almost from the day my husband and I adopted Buddy a cute little 8 pound puppy my husband has taken him for a walk two times a day.  Happily, today Buddy is a healthy 50 pound dog and my husband has lost 20 pounds.

*I come home from a long day at work and collapse in my chair.  My cat, Minx hops in my lap and rubs her face against mine and curls up in my lap and I can feel all the tension and stress leave my body.  Then the two of us relax and snuggle and spend a few tension-free hours together.

*Whether we’re gone 5 minutes or 5 hours Maggie greets us like long-lost friends.  We’ve truly discovered what it means for an animal to give unconditional love.  People say thank you for rescuing her.  But the truth is she rescued us right back.

Your generosity and caring is what creates all of these happy endings.

If you are unable to stop by Publix on the 15th, pet food or monetary donations can be dropped at the Oconee Regional Humane Society 1020 Park Avenue, Greensboro, off County Road 44 behind the Pickle Barrel restaurant.  Hours are Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

It all happens because of you.  Your donations create happy endings.  But best of all they can help save a life.