The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Posted by Alison Lewis, Category: Happy Tails,

Carley (formerly Daytona) pictured above
I am just wanting to Thank You all for our precious angel, Carley. Her name was Daytona. She was one of Savannah's babies. She is so loved. She sleeps with us and goes everywhere on our property we go. She is fully potty trained and is so smart. She is learning her basic commands so fast. Her best friend is our rescued cat, Elliott. We are all so grateful that she is part of our family! —Ross & Toni Evans

Melvina (formerly Willow)

"Willow," now "Melvina," has brought pure joy to my home. I have decided to train her differently from pups before and I am keeping/taking her with me everywhere I go. Yesterday she slept at my feet at a memorial service for one and a half hours; the cold tile floor certainly helped. Next week we drive to PA. I feel sure her sound & loving beginning is greatly responsible for her ability to experience such peace-- as well as her full-out rambunctiousness. Thanks to you, Caleb and all the volunteers at Oconee Regional Humane Society for the marvelous beginning you have provided for my new companion. Appreciatively, Elizabeth

Shelby (formerly Starlet)

This is from the folks who adopted Starlet (now Shelby). This poor girl's owner's home burned down and then she was pushed off a porch, causing her to break her foot. This couple adopted her the first weekend after we took her into our program. They saw her through wearing her splint and now they get to start enjoying each other. This couple is very active, hikes in the mountains and they love to run. Shelby will be their companion on all of their adventures. What a great turn her life took.

Just wanted to let you know that we took Shelby to the Vet at Blue Ridge today and they said her leg is healing nicely and she can start running, playing fetch, etc., some, as long as we don't do it for too long. I know she will be excited to play! We are looking forward to starting our training classes soon. Just thought you would want an update. Shelby is settling in nicely. We love her! -- Claire

Enzo (formerly Harley)

Just wanted to follow up with you about Harley/Enzo. He is adjusting to everything perfectly. He's super smart and catches on quickly. He already knows how to sit on command and he answers to his new name "Enzo". He has only had a few accidents in the house (which is understandable) and we're working to improve it a little bit everyday. He's truly perfect! Thank you so much for letting us adopt him. He is the last puzzle piece to our family! -Leslie McQuaig