Meet Roxy

Meet Roxy

Posted by Alison Lewis, Category: Featured Dog,

If you haven’t had a chance to meet our girl Roxy, you should stop in to see her.  She came to us with newborns, and was an amazing mom.  Since her puppies have left with their new families, she has had a hard time adjusting.  She does well until we have another mom and babies in the center.  She wants so badly to take care of the puppies even though they are not hers and have a great mom of their own.  Roxy is a very special dog that deserves a very special home.  She loves her playmates here, as well as all our volunteers and visitors.  She is smart, curious about everything, and always ready to put her nose to work.

Roxy is not like most of the dogs we bring into the program.  Most of our mothers are more than ready to be done with their babies by the time they start weaning.  Not Roxy.  She has such a strong motherly instinct that she is still searching for babies to care for weeks later.

We think she deserves to find her own happy home.  Roxy’s ideal place is one with lots of room and outside time, with a family that wants to throw a toy or give her a brush on her short breaks from sniffing any and everything she can find.

While we do not generally adopt dogs to be mainly outdoor dogs, Roxy is a bit of an exception.  She simply wants to be out more than she wants to be in.  Sleeping or getting some pets from her humans is all she asks for inside time (besides her beloved meals!)  Whether you have a farm, a horse pasture, or just room for her to explore, she will reward you with affection and companionship.  It will be a very lucky person who gets to share their life with this sweet girl.

We are even willing to let you determine the adoption fee if you can promise our sweet Roxy a good home.