Meet Kim Binder, ORHS Volunteer

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We are very fortunate here at the Oconee Regional Humane Society to have a number of wonderful volunteers who help make our organization work. Without their time, talent, and dedication, we would not be able to help find homes for hundreds of dogs and cats each year and educate the community about important animal issues. These volunteers do everything from work the front desk at our adoption center, to help with adoptions events, to foster dogs in their homes.

In this article, we profile one of our outstanding volunteers: Kim Binder

ORHS: Tell us a little about yourself, Kim.
Kim: I retired from IBM after a 38-year successful career, serving my last years as an executive in the IT Services part of the business. I am originally from the Chicago area, where I joined IBM and met my husband, David Hallman. We have lived in six major cities East of the Mississippi before we fell in love with and moved to Reynolds in 2013. We have two grown children and are busy planning a wedding for our daughter.
ORHS: Tell us about your involvement with animals. How many and what kind of pets do you have?   Have you been involved in other animal organizations?
Kim: I have always loved animals, but never had time for volunteering while I was working. Working in an animal shelter was always something I wanted to do, but VERY different. We have had 10 dogs over the years - all but one were toy poodles and all but the first two were rescues. Most of the time, we seem to have three dogs in the house. Our latest rescue is a very cuddly little Bichon who was rescued from ORHS last May. We named her Coco.
ORHS: What kind of volunteer work you do for ORHS?  How long have you been working as a volunteer with ORHS.
Kim: I have been working in the ORHS office for the past three years – boy, has the time gone fast! I think I spend most of my time looking for ways to improve the efficiency of the center's staff through adding/changing apps and expanding the office handbook.
ORHS: What are some of the most rewarding things you have gained from working with ORHS??  Do you have any interesting or fun stories or experiences from your volunteer work that you would like to share?
Kim: I love knowing that ORHS directly affects the quality of animals' lives, if not outright saving them through so many diverse programs. I love playing with the puppies and seeing them grow! Probably the best story I have involves my husband. He had agreed to cover an hour for
me at the center one afternoon, and in the process of subbing for me, was asked to help with puppies being wormed. He cleaned/changed the cages, reported to Bonnie on the status, and in the process, accidentally locked himself into one of the walk in cages! What a great story and the learning is to be sure you never go into one of those cages alone without the office phone or cell phone in your pocket! (Yes, he has approved this message!!!)
ORHS: What has been the most surprising thing you have experienced as a volunteer with?
Kim: In all honesty, seeing the hard work and love that goes into ORHS and serving Greene/Putnam County's dogs and cats. Everyone here is so dedicated!
ORHS: What advice would you give to anyone considering being a volunteer with ORHS??
Kim: Sign up! It is a fabulous experience.