Let’s Meet our Senior Cats

Let’s Meet our Senior Cats

Posted by Alison Lewis, Category: ORHS News,

Zoey: Zoey is the matriarch of ORHS at 17 years of age (but we’ve only had her for about 2 years). She’s a sweet ol' girl who is starting to show some signs of feline dementia. Zoey is our lobby cat and can be found napping in one of her favorite spots during regular business hours. She is always receiving visitors but is most active at lunchtime, when a special snack is prepared just for her!

Snoopy: This 8-year old cat just loves the water! He can frequently be found drinking from the sink or from a running fresh water fountain in his room at the shelter. Snoopy also loves to spend his time in our catio, where he sleeps away his time in one of the permanent hammocks or on one of our donated climbers. But this guy has the best of both worlds: in the spring and summer months, Snoopy has his own swimming pool in his catio! Yes, he actually stands in the pool to play and drink. See Snoopy's swimming in action here: IMG_5012

Rita (pictured at top): Meet the Jenny Craig girl of ORHS! Rita has always been a big girl, but we figure it's because she’s just packed full of so much personality! This sweetheart has a chronic sinus infection, despite numerous trips to UGA and other veterinary facilities. Rita has been a shelter favorite for her entire 7—year life, but we’d be over the moon happy for her to have her own home!

Prissy: Wow...you won’t believe the transformation in this girl’s personality over the past few years! Prissy came to ORHS about 7 years ago with a horrific case of ear mites. Treatment took so long and was so uncomfortable that she did everything she could to hide from people. She hid in cabinets, under counters and behind anything she could crawl behind. So we are very happy that this sweet kitty has, with a lot of dedicated work, decided that people aren't so bad and actually even likes petting! Prissy is a beautiful tortoiseshell who enjoys brushing, sun bathing and napping in a cat bed with her friends.

Ty: This distinguished gentleman came to us at the age of 9 years when his owner passed away. Boy, did we get a prize! Ty is an absolute gem and nothing makes him happier than a little canned food. He craves attention but gives a lot of love, too. In fact, it’s hard for visitors to even get a chance to sit down before this love bug is trying
to get onto their lap!