Featured Dog

Featured Dog

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We give thanks every single day that we are part of ORHS, rescuing animals.  We are privileged to give and receive love from frightened, abandoned, abused or unwanted animals.  Sometimes we are blessed with extra special cases.  They find their way into our hearts and hold a special place there forever.

We now have a special puppy named Dallas. Dallas came from a local animal control with her four sisters.  At about 5-6 weeks old, they were discarded like trash.  Fortunately, ORHS was there and took them into our program immediately.  One puppy had a gash on her head which healed with the help of an antibiotic.  However, we noticed that little Dallas held her head in a tilted position, a sign of possible neurologic issues.

We were concerned and took her to our vet, who said she would need to see a specialist to be sure she was okay.   Then one of our wonderful volunteers, Debbie Darugar, stepped up and offered to sponsor a visit for Dallas to UGA for neurologic evaluation.  The veterinarian there determined that our little girl has a few issues, but not life threatening.  The doctor felt that she will be just fine as she appears normal in every other way.  She is alert, very playful and snuggly.

With that reassurance, Dallas is back with her litter mates and being showered with love from our volunteers.  She will soon go to a foster home where she will get to be part of a family.  Dallas has the sweetest, soft personality.  She is affectionate, mellow and content.  She is smart and quickly learned to use puppy pads in her pen.  We think she will be a normal puppy and live a great life, but perhaps with a tilt to her head.

We hope someone with a big heart and lots of love to give will read about Dallas and consider making her part of a forever family.  She is a very special girl who deserves the very best.  We are so grateful to have her with us.  Once you meet her you will surely be in love too.

If you are interested in more information on Dallas please contact us or stop by our adoption center.

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