Emerald Makes Her Way Home

Emerald Makes Her Way Home

Posted by Alison Lewis, Category: Adoptions, Happy Tails,

Sweet mama Emerald brought her babies to the home of a nice family when the kittens were only about three weeks old. No one had ever seen this sweet cat before but that didn't matter; the family knew they had to save the mom and her babies. That's when ORHS got the call! Emerald and her five babies (who eventually would all be named after characters from Peter Pan) came to the shelter and were immediately placed into foster care.

What a good mother she was! Despite being very thin and not having received adequate nutrition, Emerald would let her kittens nurse to their hearts' content and would watch over them continuously. And to say she was merely protective would be an understatement.

All five of the kittens have since been adopted into loving forever homes. And we are so happy to say that Emerald has been adopted, too! She can now settle back on her own screened porch and be happy with the wonderful job she did.

We just love a happy ending!