Dog Park Planting

Dog Park Planting

Posted by Wendy Schaefer, Category: ORHS News, Volunteers,

This wonderful group of ladies are the Greene County Master Gardeners from the Greene County Extension Service, and they have taken on our ORHS doggie park as their project. They are putting their muscle into making our area beautiful, and we are so thrilled and grateful for their devotion!  They are going to develop a long term plan for beautification of this area.

They have already met with Debbie Spann, the landlord of ORHS.  Debbie has agreed to have a volunteer with a machine remove the gravel and stones currently present within our area.  The next step will b to prepare the area for planting grass.  The ladies plan to plant grass and fertilizer in three weeks, so we are hopeful the stones can be removed by that time.  We will use some of the stones and gravel to reinforce the puppy pens. JoeAnn and her husband have donated some hay to cover up the many bare areas, and hopefully we can count on a few more bales for our park

Debbie McCown will have a couple experts in water management visit our Center to try to figure out the best way to take care of the floods and washouts during heavy rains, which will need to be controlled in our long-term planning.

Many, many thanks to these master gardeners for their devotion to ORHS!!  The ladies in the pictures are from left to right: Yvonne Moore, Holly McLaren, Sherry Deaton, and Debbie McCown. David Daniel (not pictured) is the Extension Service agent.